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Empowerment Coach & Master Intuitive 

I’m Nancy, the Founder of Awaken With Nancy, based in Raleigh, NC. 


As an empowerment coach for women, accountability partner and master intuitive, my mission is to guide ambitious women back to their own power, offering support as they bid farewell to survival mode and learn what it means to truly thrive!


I hold certifications in both Life Coaching and Intuition Medicine®, and I am committed to empowering aspiring women to build unshakable confidence.


My mission is rooted in the belief that confidence is the cornerstone of success, and I am dedicated to leading women on their journey towards unwavering self-belief.

What sets me apart from my peers is my stellar intuition and natural ability to effortlessly connect with people, fostering a unique experience for my clients, ensuring they feel truly seen and heard.


Through my services, I aim not only to share valuable skills and insights but also to inspire lasting transformation.

Ready to start your pursuit of a purpose driven life and thriving existence? Schedule a call today.


Empowering Your Transformation

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I provide a range of services, including personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, small group coaching to foster a collaborative and supportive environment among peers, as well as tailored accountability sessions designed to keep clients motivated and on track toward their loftiest goals.


Additionally, I offer spiritual guidance sessions for those seeking support, insight, and wisdom pertaining to their personal development, spiritual path, and overall well-being.

I am deeply passionate about guiding women through the transformative journey of cultivating a resilient mindset and overcoming the hurdles of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. It's a profound experience to witness my clients embrace the power of their thoughts and beliefs, recognizing that they hold the key to unlocking their full potential.


Even the most successful and accomplished among us have that little voice that attempts to hinder them from realizing their full potential and I am no exception. For most of my life, I grappled with imposter syndrome, self-doubt, the fear of failure, and a sense of unworthiness. This is why I'm now deeply committed to empowering women to break free from these persistent thoughts that hold them back. 

Together, we navigate the intricacies of the mind, unraveling limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering narratives. It's immensely rewarding to witness the positive shifts as each individual gains a renewed sense of self-worth and steps into their unique brilliance and power.

​​Your journey to empowerment will look like this

  • Building Self-Awareness: I help you become more aware of your thought patterns, blind spots, self-talk, and behaviors that might be contributing to your lack of confidence. Our thoughts and words are powerful!

  • Challenging Limiting Beliefs: Limiting beliefs hold us back from reaching our full potential. I help you identify and challenge these beliefs, thereby replacing them with more empowering and expansive belief systems.

  • Personalized Strategies: Once we identify your goals and challenges, I tailor strategies and techniques to help you address your specific objectives. This might involve cognitive reframing, visualization, positive affirmations and much more.

  • Goal Setting: We work as a team to set specific and achievable goals, using the SMART method (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound), that will have you feeling more confident and empowered. 


  • Accountability: I closely monitor your progress and gently hold you accountable for taking action toward your goals by way of providing ongoing feedback, encouragement, and support to help you stay on track as you move closer to your dreams.

  • Skill Development: Feeling confident and empowered often comes from competence. I help you develop new skills in areas such as communication, body language, time management, leadership, goal setting, visualization, mindfulness and more. Learning new skills is a great way to increase your confidence.

  • Progress Reports:  I will acknowledge and join you in celebrating even your smallest wins which will boost your motivation as well as your confidence and reinforce the positive changes your are making in your daily life. 

  • Empowerment: Ultimately, I aim to empower you to take charge of your own confidence development and apply the strategies learned beyond the coaching sessions.  I will always be your biggest fan!

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Navigate Your Journey With Expert Guidance

My powerful in depth intuitive guidance sessions are designed to be a safe and supportive environment that offers crucial validation of an individual's own inner knowing as well as guidance on various aspects of their lives. The process encourages self-reflection, clarity, and a deeper understanding of one's life path, helping individuals make more informed decisions and navigate challenges with greater confidence.

Intuitive sessions hold the potential for significant personal transformation, imparting valuable insights and nurturing a deeper self-awareness that fosters personal growth and a strengthened connection to, and trust in, one's intuition.

Girls Party


A new year, a new you! It's the perfect time to set the stage for your ultimate success story. By diligently laying the groundwork now, you're not just beginning a new chapter but authoring the entire book of your prosperous and incredible journey in 2024. Let's make 2024 the year of empowerment, growth, and accomplishments, together!



A person's mindset is a powerful determinant of their success in life. It can be the driving force behind their achievements or the obstacle holding them back.


A growth mindset, characterized by a belief in one's ability to learn and adapt, is often associated with greater success. Those with a growth mindset tend to embrace challenges, persevere through setbacks, and see failures as opportunities for growth.


On the other hand, a fixed mindset, marked by a belief in innate limitations and an aversion to challenges, can impede progress and limit one's potential.


Ultimately, our mindset shapes our attitudes, behaviors, and responses to life's challenges, influencing the choices we make and the effort we invest in pursuing our goals.


Cultivating a positive, growth-oriented mindset can be the key to unlocking our full potential and achieving success in various aspects of life.


Numerous studies show that mindset plays a crucial role, possibly accounting for as much as 80% of an individual's achievements.

For years, my own mindset got in the way of making progress in numerous aspects of my life. This is why I am deeply committed to helping individuals in identify limiting beliefs that have trapped them in a never-ending cycle of repeating patterns.

Mindset Makeover Program Introduction:

The Mindset Makeover coaching program is designed to empower women to transform their mindset, create bullet proof self confidence, unlock their full potential, and achieve their personal and professional goals. This  program combines the latest in mindset, personal development, and coaching techniques to help participants break free from self-limiting beliefs and soar to new heights of success and fulfillment.

Program Objectives & Outcome:


  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.

  • Enhance self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness.

  • Develop a growth mindset to embrace challenges and opportunities.

  • Cultivate resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

  • Set and achieve ambitious personal and professional goals.

  • Improve decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

Program Structure:


The Mindset Makeover small group coaching program is an 12 week journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation.

Program Highlights:

  • Weekly 1+ hour small group coaching sessions (10 participants max)

  • One hour of 1:1 coaching support with Nancy ($250 value)

  • Assess where you are and where you want to go

  • Goal setting, progress tracking and accountability

  • Customized action plans for each participant

  • Supportive community and peer networking

  • Create new sustainable habits

  • Mindset shifts

  • Enhance self confidence

  • Additional resources and required reading materials


Program Start:  April 10th, 2024

Cost:  $1,200

Who Can Benefit:


The Mindset Makeover coaching program was created for women who are no longer willing to let fear and self doubt stop them from taking action action toward their goals and dreams. This encompasses professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, and individuals committed in their pursuit of personal growth and self-improvement.


Whether you want to excel in your career, enhance your relationships, or simply lead a more fulfilling life, this program can help you transform the lens in which you view life.



The Mindset Makeover coaching program is a transformative journey that equips individuals with the tools and strategies needed to cultivate a growth mindset, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and achieve their full potential. By investing in your mindset, you're investing in a brighter future filled with personal and professional success, resilience, and a greater sense of self-worth.


If you are ready to invest in yourself and your future, join me on this life-changing journey to make over your mindset and unlock your true potential by applying today.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right.”

~ Henry Ford

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1:1 Coaching for Success
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As we begin a new year, it's a time ripe with promise and potential, offering the perfect opportunity to reflect on our aspirations and set the stage for a year of personal growth and success.


One powerful way to ensure you make the most of this fresh start is by investing in yourself and your future.  Engaging in a coaching relationship is embarking on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and achievement. My personalized approach allows you to harness your unique strengths, address obstacles, and set targeted goals to create a roadmap for your success in the coming year.


Whether you're looking to excel in your career, enhance your relationships, or simply lead a more fulfilling life, one-on-one coaching provides the guidance and support you need to make meaningful changes and thrive in the new year.


Together we'll explore the exciting possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead as you embrace the transformative potential of one-on-one coaching and set yourself up for a successful and fulfilling year ahead.

Areas for Development:


Limiting beliefs are deeply ingrained thought patterns or convictions that constrain one's potential and hinder personal growth. These beliefs often stem from past experiences, societal conditioning, or negative self-perceptions, and they create self-imposed barriers to success and fulfillment.


Common examples of limiting beliefs include thoughts like "I'm not good enough," "I don't deserve success," or "I'll never achieve my dreams." These beliefs can paralyze individuals, keeping them stuck in their comfort zones and preventing them from pursuing opportunities or taking risks.


Recognizing and challenging these limiting beliefs is a crucial step in personal development, as it allows individuals to break free from self-imposed constraints, expand their horizons, and pursue their goals with greater confidence and determination. By replacing limiting beliefs with empowering, positive, and growth-oriented thoughts, individuals can unlock their full potential and live more fulfilling lives.


Imposter syndrome and self-sabotage are two interconnected psychological phenomena that can significantly hinder personal and professional growth. Imposter syndrome is characterized by persistent self-doubt and a feeling of being a fraud, even in the face of evident accomplishments and competence. This pervasive belief often leads individuals to undermine their own achievements and shy away from taking on new challenges.


Self-sabotage, on the other hand, refers to the deliberate or subconscious behaviors that impede one's progress and success. It often stems from deep-seated fears and a lack of self-esteem, which can manifest as procrastination, negative self-talk, or even avoiding opportunities that could lead to personal growth. Recognizing and addressing these issues is crucial, as they can limit potential and prevent individuals from reaching their goals.


Overcoming imposter syndrome and self-sabotage involves developing self-awareness, practicing self-compassion, and seeking support or guidance to break free from these self-limiting patterns and embrace a more positive and constructive mindset.

If any of the points mentioned resonate with your own challenges and you're interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to book a free strategy call today.

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Client Appreciation

Veris, California

"I don't know how to express my gratitude enough that would convey just how much of an impact your coaching is having on me...I'm having mini breakthrough moments where everything is just being brought to light so I can really dig deep".

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